You’re Doing It Wrong. Hopefully, I’m not.

This blog will be my virtual valet of knowledge that oozes out from time to time. I wanted a place that I could share my thoughts as my career advances and confidently build a platform to represent who I am, what I do and my thoughts on the subject of data & analytics.

Throughout my storied career in IT, I’ve made lots of mistakes. It’s those mistakes that have made me the arrogant jackass subject matter expert I am today. Working with seasoned rock stars, high-priced consultants, and everyone in between (You see what I did there?). So, it’s not a problem that you’re doing it wrong; the problem is that hopefully, I’m not.

The posts you’ll read on this site will be about all the dialogue that comes from us trying our best, failing early, and failing often.

Hope you enjoy it. Now, it’s time to fill this mug with some content!