RI | Referential Integrity In The Data Warehouse

Referential Integrity in the Data Warehouse is a controversial topic amongst BI Professionals; you’re either all for it or all against it. While keeping the focus on RI, solely with regard to the Data Warehouse, I want to discuss some pros and cons to help you make a better, more informed decision that will have long-lasting impacts to your warehouse, development lifecycle, and production maintenance.

Meme handcuffed like database Referential Integrity constraints.
Meme: Handcuffed like database Referential Integrity constraints.

You need to understand that referential integrity is a decision, not a standard. Blindly implementing RI because you’re “supposed to” is a presumptuous, neglectful response to a complex problem. I think that everyone will agree that leaving constraints at the application layer is an apprentice mistake, nevertheless, when it comes to data it may be our best choice. Yet, still, having table-driven constraints is always preferred — if it makes sense!

When does it make sense to have Referential Integrity?

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